A lot’s been happening around here lately.   I have been working really hard only to find out that a Facebook ad campaign was created on my Facebook page without my consent and I was the victim of being hacked.  The ad that was for Raybans was Spam and deducted my PayPal account over $500.00.  march42_opt

So I guess you just have to be very careful with on line social media don’t you?  I will be more vigilant from now on.  If you are a small business, your Paypal details are not protected on Facebook so be careful.  Thanks so much to all the lovely readers over on Instagram.  Your well wishes and kind words really lifted my spirits too.  I was so devastated, I was shocked that this could happen to me.


Fresh flowers always cheer you up though. I love pink roses.


My other office on a Wednesday.  I gave it a bit of a restyle at my husbands work place.  I help out on a Wednesday and the dull brick wall needed some style.  They didn’t mind.


We celebrated my hubby’s birthday.  Yummy chocolate for everyone!


I realised I have a lot of ice creams in the house.


Just what I need to hear this week ‘ you got this’.  I hope I have.


Healthy cooking with healthy bliss balls.  These have given me the strength to make all the phone calls to Paypal and the bank etc.


The gorgeous Hooray magazine’s new issue came out. Hooray!


I did some restyling on my coffee table too.  This always makes me happy.

I’ll let you all know the outcome with Paypal/Facebook fraud.  It’s been such a terrible couple of days.  I’ve been crying like a baby.  The message really is simple, if you are a small business don’t give your Paypal details to Facebook as they are not protected.   I had paid for some advertising initially when I boosted a few posts for The Stylist Splash.   You had to pay for these boosted posts with Paypal.  Little did I know that my details are just floating around for hackers to grab.  I have since deleted all links with Paypal and Facebook and encourage you all to do so as well.

I really  hope I get my money back.  Paypal have been great and said that it will be resolved in 30 days.  I just don’t want it to happen to anyone else.  Please be vigilant everyone!!!

Enjoy your week.  Kisses and hugs to all my new followers too, I am so appreciative of you all.