We all recognise that winter causes us to spend more on energy bills and items around the house. Tis the season to be jolly and it’s also the season where we buy rugs and throws. Normally, we don’t keep these things lying around because, during the spring and summer, we don’t need them. Our home is already hot enough and we don’t need items making it even hotter; stylish though they may be. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid toil and trouble in winter and take on new challenges around the house without much expense. Where there’s a will there’s always a way and so it is true for your decor, appliances to desire to keep as much heat in the home as possible. 

Additional style elements

Additional style elements can be used to protect you from the elements themselves. Throws, for example, are great additions to your living room because they don’t have to cover up your sofa yet give guests their own way to stay warm. It gives everyone more choice when you have 2 or 3 throws per sofa folded neatly on the back support. You can also add a lot of knitwear as it’s common knowledge wool is by far the most homely, cozy and energy-efficient material. Wool cushions and knitted pod footstools are brilliant ways to keep your guests warm around Christmas time. Even the things that you wouldn’t normally have as part of your home decor around energy efficiency can be quite useful. Instead of a synthetic brush material welcome mat, you can have a welcome mat that’s been made out of wool and cotton.

Pops and rattles

If there’s one appliance in the kitchen that makes the oddest noises, it’s the fridge. That’s because the cold temperatures of the ambient air will contract the outside as much as the cold temperatures inside. Therefore you get a squeezing effect that makes metal doors pop and metal coils rattle from time to time. Before Christmas arrives, you should service your fridge and check up on three things specifically. Make sure the condenser coil is clean and not laden with ice. Make sure the doors are properly sealed and heat is not being let in but neither is the cold from the coil being lost. Keep the fridge full but not too full because enough items inside will capture the heat and thus keep the air inside cooler, meaning your coil won’t have to work as hard. However, if it’s too full, the heat captured tends to keep the air inside warm so your fridge will demand more energy. 

Homely and festive

When the early days arrive the sunlight hours lessen by quite a lot. Therefore drawing the curtains will matter for your privacy’s sake. Thicker curtains will not only look and feel more homely around Christmas time, but you’ll save a ton on your bills too. Look for pure wool curtains instead of synthetics. 

The toil of a cold home in wintertime puts great demands on your heating system. You can avoid this by simply adding a few stylish items that capture a lot of heat, such as knitted throws and cushions.