I hosted my sister in laws baby shower at my place.  There were lots of women and no boys allowed.

We all knew she was having a girl so it was very easy to choose pink as the theme.

Now my niece just turned 3 years old in February, so I hosted this party quite a while ago but thought I’d share some of ideas that I put together to make this day so special.


I bought  the paper lantern balls, decorated the water bottles with fabric swatches and string and I made a lot of the food.



I used bought water and wrapped each bottom in fabric.  Tied it with string and stuck a paper love heart on with some glue. So easy.  You couldn’t buy those fancy patterned straws back then like you can now so I made basic straws fancy with paper flags.




Teeny tiny lemon meringue pies were a hit.




Sweet baby thank you’s were easy to make.  I bought the clear boxes and filled with with oversized chocolate freckles.



Persian cotton candy was another thank you that was easy to package up.




I got each guest to write a lovely note to the baby.  What a lovely keepsake to have.

Hope you liked some of my ideas?

Have you hosted a big party like this before at your place?