Ok, so I don’t normally venture into Kmart but after seeing so many posts on Instagram on cool homeware finds it had me intrigued.  Since this post, I’ve been to Kmart 3 times now! Why?  Well the stuff is really really on trend and really really cheap.  So today I thought I’d share a few of my bargains I found at Kmart and a few things I have been watching.  Now, not everything is available on line, I’ve figured out that it pretty much depends on what state you live in, but just keep checking. I’m pretty sure these items fly out the door when they come in.  kmart2_opt

My recent purchase was on line.  This black LED ampersand light was only $15.00!  You can purchase on from here if you like.


I also fell in love with these stools.  They would look great at a kitchen bench.


You can purchase these stools on line here.  I’ve also seen smaller ones in aqua too so keep looking on line and in store.


What about this floor lamp.  A bargain at $39.00.  On trend and at a bargain price.  You can buy this online here.


Then I found these baskets and at $9.00 each I had an idea.


A great way to store all those ugly shoes at the back door.  With 5 people and over 2 pairs of shoes each that linger at the back door, it was time to clean up this mess.  My hubby used some small screws and we hung the baskets off those.


Much tidier don’t you think?  Excuse the rubbish bin.


I loved these round ones too. Perfect for putting toys in or a waste paper basket in your home office. You can purchase the baskets from here and at $9.00 each I thought this was a bargain.


I also love these bedside tables.  These are only $35.00 each and would perfect in a childs bedroom or your own room.  You can purchase these here.  So if you are after some on trend items without breaking the bank its worth paying Kmart a visit.


Have you bought anything at Kmart lately?  This is not a sponsored post either, I just wanted to share:)