With 2017 almost behind us (I know how quick has this year gone)?  It’s a great time to reflect back on what was a great year of home decor trends.  Some of them you may have embraced and some you may not but today I am going to take a look at the best home decor trends of 2017.

With shows like The Block it’s easy to see why we all want the latest on trend items for our homes.  Fashions change so quickly and what may be in this year, may be on its way out next year.  Home decor is a great way to keep up with trends without making a permanent stamp on your home.  So when the trend changes you can update your home without breaking the bank.

Jewel Tones

Whilst we are still loving our pastels, jewel tones have certainly overtaken in this home decor trend.  This luscious tone looks great in shades of blue, green, pink and orange and has made an impact with cushions, ottomans, couches and linen.

Dark Green

Dark shades of green have become the new must-have dark interior colour for 2017.  Used in an occasional arm chair or cushions and decor items, dark green is a great colour to use in bedrooms and living rooms.  2017 was a great year for dark green as it was used on walls for bedrooms and works well against tan, leathers, furs, brass and natural linen.

Monochrome Layering

Whilst the minimalist look is still going strong, 2017 saw monochrome layering make a real impact. By tastefully layering all different types of textures in a similar colour scheme.  Think black/white with a minimal pop of colour.  Naturals really work well with this look.  Monochrome layering brings a touch of Hollywood glamour to your home.

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Rose Quartz

Rose gold accents, marble and polished concrete will up the luxe factor in any home and have remained a strong contender in interiors trend. Used in homewares and accents for the home, rose quartz is the perfect match to marble.  Used in the bathroom in taps, light fittings, sinks and accessories, this trend will still continue into 2018 I am sure.

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The feature wall made its return, but not as you know it. Bold, abstract motifs and geometric prints were popular, and if you were not ready to commit, you could have framed a small section and hang as art. TV show like The Block proved that floral feature walls made a huge impact and were a popular choice with the judges.

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What are your favourite trends for 2017?