Over the Easter break, my family and I decided it was time to get a family dog.  We searched the internet and decided that the best thing to do would be to save a dog from a shelter.  There are so many wonderful places you can rescue a pet, RSPCA, Pet Rescue and The Lost Dogs home, just to name a few.


The benefits far out way the cons and you’ll feel so fabulous for saving an animals life.  I know my family sure does.  Above are a few facts about pet adoption and why you should consider buying from a shelter and not a pet shop.

Oprah Winfrey strongly supports the values and benefits of adopting a pet and has campaigned quite strongly to ban puppy mills or puppy farms as they are known in Australia.  Although puppy farming isn’t illegal it doesn’t deter from the fact that in most cases the animals are ill treated in poor conditions, not socialised and have not had proper veterinary treatment.  You can read more of Oprah Winfrey’s plight to stop puppy farming here.

Anyway enough rambling on about facts as I want to share with you our newest family member Monty.


He’s a handsome 1 year 10 month old Kelpie X.  He is so loving and gentle and has fitted into our family so well.


The kids adore him (see Olivia above) and have been eagerly teaching him to sit, stay, drop, bang bang (play dead) and come.

You know what,  he is picking it up very well, so far so good.  We have had him groomed and he has had his first obedience class.


Monty has been a great companion when I run, although I think in his previous home he wasn’t exercised to much as he runs out of stamina very quickly (unusual for a working dog).


When you purchase a dog from The Lost Dogs Home  they come veterinary checked, all vaccinations up to date, flea checked, wormed and temperament tested.  All animals that enter the shelter are also de sexed.  There is a small fee to pay and then you are on your way.

Monty was so good in the car and when we got home he was not even bothered by the cat. The cat didn’t care about him either.

This has been the most rewarding experience for my family and especially my kids, we couldn’t be happier.