I love styling a bed as you know and when it comes to adding the finishing touches, pillows in various sizes can take a bed from drab to fab. The importance of a perfectly fitted pillow cases that are crafted with the highest quality fabrics and designs can make all the difference to a bed but buying them in the right size can be tricky.

Bed linen shopping is an art itself. You need to look at many different factors when choosing bed linen and the pillow case is no exception.

An investment in good quality pillow cases is an investment in a good quality night’s sleep. Keep in mind when buying pillow cases that they can come in many different sizes and it all depends on personal preference.

There is no set size and it really all comes down to personal preference. There is a growing marketfor king size pillow cases, queen size pillow cases, u pillow cases, and all in nice quality.  There are sizes to suit all bedroom needs, from Standard pillow Cases to European Pillow Cases. When purchasing choose from pillow cases with matching duvet sets or accessorise your duvet with mix and match designs. 

Hard to Find: I struggled to find high quality 100% Cotton V Shaped Pillow Cases, until I found Manchester Collection, which help with a great assortment in a high thread count.

Every kind of bed linen will come with a thread count and there is no exception to pillow cases. Thread count holds a lot of meaning and thought so here are a few things to consider. Pillow cases that are made up of 300 counts are generally great quality. Anything above 200-300 counts should be comfortable and feel great. If you are not sure then go for a higher thread count where possible.

Tip: King Size Pillows for King Size Beds, the width of 2 pillows matches the width of a king size bed, so no ugly voids in between the pillows of the bed. Why not go further, and use three European pillows for that ultimate luxury bed display. Manchester Collections offers various EuropeanpillowcasesandKing size pillowcasesto help coordinate your bedding display.

Trend: Velvet is making a comeback this year, so why not use some Velvet European pillowcasesto add depth to your bedroom.

The material used is another factor to consider when purchasing pillow cases. The quality of the material is usually the first thing that we notice. We all have different preferences but pillow cases are generally made up with the following materials, Egyptian cotton, Sateen cotton and Polyester. Go for the best quality you can afford for a great nights sleep. Choose from a premium range of beautifully silky smooth 100% cotton pillow cases for the ultimate in relaxation and style or an environmentally friendly washed vintage linen for a relaxed, soft and cool feel – perfect for Summer or Winter.

A shabby pillow case will never sit adequately so make sure the pillow case you choose fits the size of you pillow. So make sure the envelope at the end closes over the pillow case adequately to hide the insert. This will all help with getting a great nights sleep and also ensuring your bed looks stylish and luxurious when made.