If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that we celebrated my daughter Olivia’s 14th birthday.  Thanks for all your lovely comments by the way, she was very chuffed and so was I. Sharing her birthday cake really got everyone’s attention and today I will happily share with you how I made Olivia’s celebration cake for under $30.00.


I love sharing quick and easy ways to put together showstoppers especially when they are cheap and so so easy that everyone can make them.


Completely time poor and money poor (school holidays here) I wanted Olivia to have an amazing birthday/celebration cake so I put myself to the challenge. I thought $30.00 was a fair and reasonable amount to spend on a cake to feed about 20 people.


Here is what I bought

 x2 packets of White Wings Chocolate cake mixture (on special) $8.00

x1 Betty Crocker Chocolate Frosting (on special) $4.00

x1 Box of Macaroons from Woolworths $9.95

x1 Block of Cadbury Chocolate (on special) $2.50

x1 Coles lollies $2.00

x1 Coles White Block Chocolate $2.00

x1 Coles Chocolate Balls $2.00

Total $28.45


Putting the Cake together

I made the packet cakes as per the instructions on the packet.  There were very easy to bake and turned out very moist.  I cut the cakes in half so I had four round disks.  Then I made up the packet icing and used that to stick the round disks together.  I also spread jam on the middle round just to add a bit more sweetness.

Then using the Betty Crocker pre made icing I iced the top of the cake.  I used quite a lot so I had plenty of icing to stick the lollies into.  Then the fun began.  I smashed the chocolate block into shards and stuck them in the cake.  Let your imagination go wild and fill the top of the cake with the lollies.  I picked a flower from the neighbours garden (wrapped it in glad wrap) and stuck in the cake.

And that is it, your celebration cake is done for under $30.00.

Oliva had a lovely birthday and got very spoilt and of course there were horses involved.




Let me know if you have any queries, thanks again for all your beautiful comments over on Instagram.