Hands up who struggles when it comes to choosing the right white?

Yeah me too, that’s why I have a few tips from the experts to share with you today.

With so many white paints on offer, choosing the right one for your home can be overwhelming. Dulux has enlisted four design experts to help Australians navigate their way through the maze of options and find the perfect white for their next painting project.  I love the Dulux colours and have always used Dulux whites for my home.

Pictured above in my bedroom I have used Dulux Natural White.  I love the warm tones this white has.  It has been versatile enough to use throughout my whole house, including the bedrooms.

Here I have used Natural White in my kitchen on the walls and also on the 2pac cupboards.

So what are the best whites to paint with?

Here is a list of the Dulux top eight whites.


Dulux ambassadors Lucy Feagins of The Design Files, Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors, The Real Estate Stylist’s Sara Chamberlain and Amy Chamberlain-Primrose, and Bonnie Hindmarsh and Lana Taylor of Three Birds Renovations reveal on the Dulux website how they’ve used Australia’s eight most loved Dulux whites in their work and living spaces.

Each expert explores how various elements, such as the amount of natural white your home received, the colours of your flooring and soft furnishings can affect the way a shade looks on your walls.

Explore the favourite Dulux whites of leading designers and stylists here.

Dulux Natural White


Get Samples POTS (and Paint LOTS of areas in your Home)

Find out Whether you need a COOL or WARM WHITE

PAINT a HUGE Sample AREA of your Home (not just a swatch)

DECIDE After YOU have seen the SAMPLE in all LIGHTS (Morning, Afternoon, Cloudy, Sunny, Night)

SEEK advice if you are still unsure

Remember it is only paint and you can paint over it if you make a mistake.  You can read about how I chose the wrong white here.