Hands up who bakes treats at Christmas?  We always do and I had an epic fail of some Donna Hay gingerbread trees on Instagram.  They always look so easy in the picture until you give them a try and realise dismally that yours looks nothing remotely like what it’s supposed to.


My daughter Liv is quite clever with baking and decorating and made these horse gingerbread for her pony club Christmas party.  The were a hit.


The other day Liv made these melting snowmen and reindeer shortbread.  She is so clever and told me she got the inspiration from Pinterest.



Here are a few more favourite Christmas food ideas that you might like to try.  They make gorgeous gifts or you can take a plate to a party to share or just have them all for yourself.


Fancy pants gingerbread cookies from Oh Happy day, if you’re clever enough you’d be able to create these. They are adorable.



Cute as a button gingerbread houses.  My attempt at gingerbread trees was enough to scare me away for life, but if you’re a great baker I think you’d manage these.  You can get the recipe from Alice and Lois.


I made these stars last year and was quite happy with the way they turned out.  I put a tiny hole in the top of the stars so I could thread them.


I also made these last year.  Wrapped in cellophane with a bow, these make a great gift.


Just keeping it simple is so effective.  These gingerbread men have caramel flavoured icing on them. Mmmm.


How about these perfect cookies?  You can see more on Place of My Taste.

Have you been baking this year for Christmas?

I’d love to know what you’ve been cooking?