Todays post is by the lovely Sarah Shanahan from Sarah’s House.  Sarah is a Professional Organiser with a passion for interior design.

I thought what a great idea to get Sarah to share her expert tips on an organised Christmas.  Thanks Sarah..



The key to an organised happy Christmas is planning, list writing, keeping it simple and having fun!

Being organised makes life so much easier, and you need organised and easy at Christmas time!

Decide on your overall theme…. For gift wrapping, tree decorating, table setting and card sending.

Do this early so you know exactly what it will look like. Write a list, purchase now before it gets too crazy. Try and unify the theme and keep it simple! Keep a bag/box under or near the tree with all your wrapping essentials ready to wrap as you purchase. More beautiful presents under the tree the better!



Do all your no perishable shopping as early in December as you can, to avoid the crowds and to give you as sense of calmness and control! Keep all your non perishable Christmas shopping in baskets/bags out of the way( in the laundry or similar) to avoid using items before the big day! Do your fresh grocery shopping as close to Christmas Day as you can.



If you can set the table the day before so that you are prepared, happy and organised! I love having the table set on Christmas Eve, with some christmas tunes playing, it gets me in the Christmas mood, feeling relaxed, organised and excited for the day ahead! Enjoy!!


You can learn more about Sarah’s business here on Sarah’s House or swoon over her delightful styling on her blog here.

Sarah was also the August winner for the popular Instagram competition 7 Vignettes run by Interiors Addict.  Sarah is one very clever lady, styling and organising her way to success.

All words and images by Sarah Shanahan.

Thanks so much for sharing your expert tips Sarah.  I hope it helps everyone feel a little more organised this Christmas.