Life is so fast paced these days, appointments one minute, meetings the next that it can be hard to stay on time.  Everything looks great on paper, you’ve scheduled everything in but for some reason, you just can’t keep on top of your schedule.

A great way to keep on track of time is to add a stylish wall clock to your decor.

Adding a wall clock to your kitchen will keep you on schedule.  Especially with a busy morning routine.  Simple colours on a wall clock will match any decor.  They also look great hung with pictures on a gallery wall or simply hung on their own they will look great.

Keeping a stylish alarm clock beside your bed will help you rise on time.  Alarm clocks come in an array of colours and styles to suit any decor.  Copper’s and gold hues on right on trend this season and styled with simple accessories they will make any bedside table look stylish.  They are small enough not to get in the way but add a sense of glam to any bedroom.

Wall clocks that look smart and look stylish are easy to purchase online in Australia.  Choose a wall clock to match your decor like this Scandinavian style clock.  This type of styling suits most kitchens and Scandi style is a hot trend at the moment.  Using a light coloured wooden wall clock featured with marble accents will create a stylish vignette to your kitchen bench or living area.

Kids bedrooms are another place that a stylish clock will look great.  Not only keeping them aware of the time but it’s a great accessory for younger kids to learn how to tell the time.  Kids clocks can add pops of colour and can add a sense of fun at the same time.

These modern looking clocks  will help keep you right on track.  Choosing a colour that fits in with your colour theme at home will keep your look streamlined and not too busy.  Blush pink is a favourite of mine but with so many colours and styles it’s hard to choose.