I’m not sure about you but we never, ever have dream mornings.  It’s a chaotic, disorganised, rushing disaster.  However through all this chaos one important thing that I stress over and over again is for my three kids to eat their breakfast.

My older two are 12 and 14 and although they are running behind time most mornings one thing they are capable of doing is making their own breakfast.  My 5 year old needs a bit of assistance but other than that he is pretty good.

When Uncle Tobys sent me the Quick Sachet Oats I was a little sceptical at first.  Claiming to be convenient, easy and tasty I thought I would put them to the test with my disorganised and fussy children.


I  opened the Uncle Tobys sachet and tipped it into a microwave safe bowl.  Easy enough.

oats 2_opt

I added 1/2 cup of milk and put it into the microwave for 90 seconds. Very easy.

I stirred the oats and allowed them to cool slightly.

I added chopped strawberries to mine and they really did taste delicious.


Could this be what we were missing in the mornings?  Could this mean we are a little step closer to creating a dream morning?

Now it was my older two kids turn.  Could this be convenient and easy enough for a tween and teen to handle?

I put them to the test.

oats 5_opt

The result was full tummies, no mess, and one Mum (me) that is happy knowing that my kids have eaten a wholesome breakfast that has no artificial colours or flavours.

We all agreed that the honey oats were the best.


Followed second by mixed berry. There are lots of other flavours to choose from here.

oats 3_opt

Look out for them in the breakfast cereal isle of your supermarket.

Highly recommended for lazy teens.