Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you had a fantastic night.  Today I’m taking it easy with my family.

I had such a lovely response to my journal on Instagram that I thought I’d share this post from the archives.  Enjoy it , and enjoy your restful day if that’s what you are doing after a big night.


Do you have a journal?  I love having a journal that I can reflect back on.  In my journal I write quotes, doodle, draw, create mini mood boards and collect tear sheets.


Today I share some of my pages from my journal, as you can see there are no rules, just a fun place to gather everything that inspires you.


Even nature can be stuck down.  I love the changing colours of the Autumn leaves.  These are some I’ve collected when out walking.


I also collect and stick down all the lovely notes and cards that people send me.  This envelope was done by a special lady that sent me a card and gift all the way from U.S.A.



I find it very relaxing to doodle and draw.  I created these icons the other night.  They would make cute icons for a website I think.

Do you have a  journal?