If you have pets or are thinking about getting them, then is your home the perfect sanctuary? So many households have pets, but are they all suitable? The pet population stands at around 54 million, and of this, 27 per cent of pets are dogs and 17 per cent have cats. But there are some specific things that work for cats and dogs at home, and some things that can actually cause them harm. So how can you create a harmonious living space that will be perfect for you and your pet? So here are some tips to help you to transform your home into a place that will be perfect for your furry baby.


You need to think pretty carefully about the fabric that you choose to upholster with in your home. Not only is comfort a consideration, but you need to think about how likely those materials will be to gather fur. So the things to avoid are materials like velvet, mohair, or chenille. Delicate materials like silk are also something to avoid, as they can easily get damaged by some paws. The best choices of material will be things like leather or synthetic fibres. Make sure that you invest in some high-quality textiles so that they can stand up to some wear and tear.


There are several things to think about when it comes to flooring with a dog at home, so these tips may help if you are a little unsure. But from claws to mud and rain, there will be a lot that your flooring will encounter with a dog. Not to mention any potential accidents as your dog is learning to be potty-trained. So there are some materials that are going to be much better (and more hygienic), than others. Things like laminate flooring, tiles or stone can be good materials. Avoid things that will mark easily or will change shape if it gets wet, like hardwood floors. If you are set on having beautiful wooden floors, then opt for harder woods like oak.


Having pet-friendly interiors means that you are keeping things as clean and tidy as possible. You wouldn’t want your doggy finding something that they shouldn’t, and then chewing it or breaking it. So what is a good idea to keep a room like your kitchen look at its best is to avoid leaving things like food bowls out in sight for all to see. Choose a little spot for your dog to have their meals. You could even consider sliding the bowls underneath a kitchen cabinet, and then you only bring them out when it is time for food (but keep water visible at all times as access to water whenever they want is really important).


A really essential part of having a pet friendly interior, is making sure that there is somewhere for your pet to relax and be comfortable; a comfy pet bed of their own. To look stylish, make sure it compliments your existing decor, so that it won’t clash or stand out too much.