Are you one of those people who love scouring the internet for inspiration?

My top places to be inspired are Instagram, Pinterest, Real and of course my favourite blogs.  I am currently obsessing over so many products at the moment, some which I hope will be in my Christmas stocking come Christmas morning.  In the meantime I thought I’d share my wish list with you.  Just to let you know that this isn’t sponsored either, just products I really love and want or have.


Can I just tell you that I can’t get enough of the Clinique moisture surge facial spray.  It was been so great for my dry skin.  I spray it after I have applied my makeup, after a run, after a gym workout, before I go to bed.  It leaves my skin feeling refreshed.  I will be using this throughout 2017 that’s for sure.


I am in love with shoulder bags at the moment.  It means I have 2 free hands which has been quite handy with the Christmas shopping or holding my niece and Archer’s hand to cross the road.  This gorgeous Gucci shoulder bag is on my wish list as bought another Gucci shoulder bag which is just as pretty.  I love the chain feature also.  You can dress them up or down.


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I adore anything monogrammed.  I recently bought my 2017 diary from The Daily Edited and had my initials engraved on the front.  I am completely in love with it and will try my hardest to stay neat and tidy and use my best handwriting in it.


Peonies are, and always will be my favourite flowers.  How gorgeous are they and the fact that they are only around for such a short time makes them even more precious?


I bought quite a few bunches this year.


I love Fete magazine and any chance I can get I will just glance at the gorgeous pages.  It’s definitely a magazine that inspires me.

Any excuse to buy baby clothes.  My lovely friend had a baby girl and I just loved shopping at Seed for a tiny girly outfit.  This ones 0000.  So so sweet.



And speaking of sweet.  How sweet is this donut candles that my daughter Olivia bought at a fantastic shop called Mr and Mrs Jones at Chadstone shopping centre?

It smells as good as it looks.


Lastly, I am currently obsessing over anything Christmas at Provincial Living.  I’ll take one of everything please.

What are currently obsessing over or have your eye on purchasing?