Giving up sugar altogether can be a very difficult thing to do.  Sugar is as addictive as nicotine, so breaking its grip requires some techniques.  This post is NOT about giving up sugar completely but simply cutting back.



I prefer to use the term cutting back, and as I am NOT a nutritionist my post is a personal reflection of how I did this and felt so much healthier, fitter and I sleep a whole lot better also.20130915-200254.jpg


My method is quite simple, just cut back on as much sugar as you possibly can from Monday to Friday and limit your intake on the weekends which will depend on your situation at the time (eg birthday parties).  These functions can be challenging but don’t be hard on yourself, enjoy just a little bit.

Try these simple points and see how you feel.

  • Try to cut back on processed food and opt for fresh food when you can like homemade pizzas with fresh ham and vegetables instead of store bought.
  • Cut out all processed breakfast cereals, bars and juices as these are laden with hidden sugars.  Make your own juice and cereal bars.  At least you know what is going into them.
  • Do not allow yourself any lollies including jubes, jellybeans or chocolates. This is hard when you have little kids around as my son loves a little snack after lunch.
  • If you are out with friends for coffee do not have sweet biscuits, cakes, muffins or macarons.  Just politely say no thank you and stick with your coffee or tea with no sugar of course which is perfectly fine.


Remember sugar is a form of empty kilojoules and by cutting back you can enjoy the benefits of reduced cravings, more energy and maybe even weight loss.

This is just a start, throw in some exercise and you will feel fantastic.

My cravings have stopped altogether for sweet things and my body has easy adapted to this and gotten used to it.  On the weekends I allow myself a little indulgence but I don’t need a lot to satisfy me.  In the past, I could quite easily have eaten half a packet of jelly beans and then wondered why I was not sleeping well.  I  believe it was from all the sugar.

It doesn’t hurt to cut back here and there, even if it’s just a little bit.

Let me know what you think about sugar?  Have you ever given it up completely or just cut back?