I am constantly inspired by so many delightful cakes on Instagram, Pinterest and the internet.  On the weekend I made my sister in laws birthday cake and it was a hit.


I made x 2 simple chocolate cakes and stuck them together with some jam and ready made frosting.


I then iced the cake using the Betty Crocker icing from the supermarket.  Super easy.


I used pre made caramel popcorn, macaroons, coloured sugar balls, marshmallows and fruit loops.  I used some flowers that I had bought and wrapped the ends in glad wrap to stick into the cake.

Here are some other delightful cakes you can get some inspiration from.


Image Source

I adore this naked cake.  So simply and would be perfect for a woodland theme or any child that loves animals.


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Look how simply this is!  I love that this is a simply chocolate cake and a cute little sign says it all.


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How super pretty is this?  I love the sparklers too.


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I love rustic wedding cakes and they seem to be all the rage right now.


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Nothing beats a cake covered in sprinkles,  soooooo pretty.

Have you been baking lately?

You can get more cake inspiration here from my Pinterest board.