We all want somewhere we can relax at the end of a hard day, which is why the idea of making your bedroom a sanctuary is so attractive. It can be your little oasis of calm in an increasingly busy world, a little haven at the top of the stairs.

It doesn’t come easily, but with a little extra work you can pull off a project that makes your bedroom a real sanctuary.

Do: Think about your lifestyle and your habits.

If you look for inspiration for bedrooms, more often than not you’re going to see a minimalist approach. It’s lovely – all white, glossy furniture and bare floors – but it’s also impractical for most people. Ask yourself if you could handle an approach that requires a constant upkeep. If you go with a minimal style, you have to commit to it.


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You can still achieve the perfect room with a little more stuff in it, just acknowledge it will look different from Pinterest rooms.

Don’t: Assume you have more time than you do.

When it comes to renovations, we’re all guilty of imagining the change will not only alter the room, but us too. No longer are we going to come home, kick off our top and leave it sprawled over a chair! We’re going to hang it up immediately or put it in the right laundry basket!

That’s not going to happen. It might continue for a few weeks, but before long, old habits are going to creep back in.

Do: Allow yourself to be messy in a controlled way.


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Create spaces which have no designated purpose apart from be somewhere for you to throw items down to be dealt with at a later date. Textile bags work well for this, or under-bed storage where you can keep the mess out of the way. Storage furniture which looks more lively, such as that from http://www.grothandsonsinteriors.com.au, can work well in this capacity.

Don’t: Assume a dark floor will be easier to maintain.

This applies generally to any room in the house, and it’s one of the biggest fallacies we fall into. We think a dark floor will hide the marks and need less sweeping- but it won’t. Many people find dark floors far harder to live with that white or grey. You’re going to want your sanctuary to be easy to maintain so you can just relax in it, so make sure the floor can keep up.

Do: Use lighting and scented products.

Even the most dull of rooms can be made more interesting by good lighting. Consider shades with laser-cutout sections, so the shadow from the light sprays a pattern onto the wall. Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas; add them to jars, and it looks like you’ve bottled fireflies. Light and fragrance are essential to creating the right ambience, so plan the whole room with them in mind. Scented candles may pose a health risk, so consider an essential oil diffuser instead.


Don’t: Forget the room has to be practical.

You may like the style of a narrow wardrobe, but will it really fit your clothes? Try and marry together your design aspirations but keep considering the things you really need. It may take a little more hunting around, but it is possible to bring both together for the perfect end result.