Easter is fast approaching.  In fact it’s next week.  I haven’t really given it much thought but I am seeing a lot more of Easter popping up everywhere, even though it has been at the shops since January.


The kids love Easter, I’m sure it’s the excitement of the bunny for the little ones and the fact that Mum lets you eat chocolate for breakfast for the older kids.


There are so many cute ideas that I wanted to share a few of my favourites.  I love this DIY tutorial on these super cute conversation bunnies from Oh Happy Day blog.  Simple, easy and so cute.  You can view it here.


Another cute idea from Oh Happy Day blog is these cute printable Easter bags.


Fill the with little Easter eggs.  These would make such a cute gift idea.  I might try this one.  You can get all the details here.


What about a Piñata Easter egg cake if you are really clever.  How surprised would the kids be to find a cake full of Easter Eggs.  You can see more of this cake here on A Subtle Revelry.


Have you considered an Easter wreath?  I found this beauty on an Etsy store.  Think outside the box and put an Easter wreath on your front door, not just at Christmas time.  You can shop for this wreath here.


I think Easter eggs are really beautiful when they are decorated, like these marbled  eggs. Image from here.

No matter how you celebrate Easter, it’s always a great time to unwind, relax and enjoy break eating chocolate.


I hope the Easter bunny brings you lots and lots of eggs.