Easter is fast approaching, in fact today is Good Friday.  It’s such a lovely time of the year, the weather has cooled down, the mornings are fresh and you get to eat chocolate in abundance. Well for one day anyway.


I have put together a few shots of some Easter styling that I did at my place.  It’s easy to create colourful vignettes and just let the eggs speak for themselves.   Group together your favourite Easter items and try to keep the colour palette the same.


I have been waiting and waiting for months to get this birds nest.  I absolutely adore them and the little bird that was living there left her nest at just the right time.  Make sure if you find a nest that you spray it with insect killer and leave it outside for a few days.  That way if any mites were living in the nest they will have died so you don’t bring them inside.  Isn’t it a beauty?


A couple of my favourite decorations from Bed Bath n Table.


Koko Black quail eggs, expensive but oh so nice.


How do you style your place for Easter?