Keeping on top of the housework can be a constant struggle for many of us. Working all day, cooking, potentially having kids to look after and still making time to see your friends can mean cleaning often plummets to the bottom of our list. Of course, it’s only natural that it would. Cleaning isn’t exactly fun for most people. But what’s worse is when you’ve left your home for so long that the whole job would take the best part of a day to complete. No one has time for that! Keeping on top of your home and taking on a ‘little and often’ approach to housework will mean you avoid these situations. Take a look at some of these easy hacks which can help keep your house clutter-free.


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Create a ‘walk through station’;

Have you noticed that the old coffee table you had in your hallway next to your front door has suddenly disappeared? Fear not – it actually hasn’t disappeared, it’s just hidden under a mountain of stuff! Keys, wallets, phones, coins, scarves, coats… you name it, it will be on there! Re-designing this area of your home can create a lot more space and it will also mean you can find things much more easily. You can either buy a ready-built hallway organizer or mix and match one yourself. The essential components you need will be a selection of coat hooks, a table surface, a drawer (or some bowls for keys) and a mirror. When everything has its place, it’s much easier to feel in control of things!

Minimize dirt with door mats;

The trusty door mat has been a staple in most people’s homes for years, with most families having at least one at their front door. But the door mat industry has grown hugely in recent years. You may have found that your old bristle doormat isn’t doing the job it used to, and you’re still finding mess and mud all around the home. This is because advancements in door mat technology now means you can have a different mat for different uses. Try using rubber door mats outside your front door for your family to scrape the dirt off their shoes with. Then put an absorbent one inside the door to soak up any excess water – especially useful during rainy periods.


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Invest in storage baskets;

If no matter what you do, or how many times you tell your family, you are still finding clutter in every room, storage baskets could be your answer. Put one in every room and encourage everyone in your household to put items in there if they are not sure where they should go. Another scenario can be if you don’t have time to clear everything away – things like books or your children’s toys. Simply pop them in the basket and you’ll know where to find them the next day.


Try countertop organizers;

Whether you’re an avid chef or not, chances are you’ve experienced a cluttered kitchen before. It’s easily done. You’re trying to cook a meal, your partner is making coffees and everyone else is raiding the drawers looking for something to eat! If you live in a smaller home or if you’re in an apartment, this can be particularly stressful as that counter top space is precious. Buy some kitchen organizers to help cut down on mess and keep everything in its place. They don’t need to be expensive and can come in a variety of different types. Trays are good for storing bulkier items such as olive oil bottles or your pestle and mortar. Racks are perfect for storing either spices or wine bottles and mason jars are ideal for teabags and coffee.

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Buy cleaning products you will actually use;

A large part of keeping your house pristine is to do with what products you use and where. A trusty piece of cleaning equipment everyone should have in their home is the pack of anti-bacterial wipes. These wipes can be used pretty much anywhere in the home to clean surfaces, floors, doors… you name it! Giving your kitchen a wipe down every day with some cleaning spray and some anti-bac wipes can help you keep on top of any mess. Plus, they are easy enough for the whole family to use, so encourage your household to use them if they make a mess.

Obviously, there comes a time when each room in your house will require a deep clean, but these handy little products can mean you do less of them.

Keep bleach near the toilet too and make a habit of spraying it in the toilet bowl a couple of times a week between cleans.