Do you work from home like thousands of people do, or do you work in an office?  Do you feel sluggish at certain times of the time and need a brain boost to get you through the day?  These easy ways to be more productive at work (home or away) might be just what you need.

1. Buy a few plants.  Research from the University of Life Sciences in Norway have proven that you can give yourself a boost by popping a couple of plants in your work area. Information sourced from  the Sunday Herald Sun on  7.6.15.  I love having a few plants and fresh flower in my work space to brighten up the area.


2. Set a timer to take a break.  We all tend to work ridiculously long hours, looking at our screens all day and it’s amazing what a short break can do to boost your productivity and freshen your mind.  I like to take small breaks to get a cup of tea and have a snack when I am working from home.


3. Surround your self with gorgeous stationery and accessories.  As seen in the Adore Home Paradise edition, having objects that you love around you will inspire you and encourage your to be more productive.  What a great excuse to do a little stationery shopping.


4. Drink water.  Being dehydrated can be the reason you are feeling sluggish and unproductive.  Have a bottle of your favourite water close by so that you keeping hydrated and refreshed.  These are a few things I like to keep on my desk as pictured above.


5. Make a stand.  Sitting up and switching off for a minute and even standing up will improve your health in the long but it can also help with your daily production and energy levels.  A study by tech weblog ReadWrite says that an increased productivity by 10 per cent can be achieved if you have a standing desk.  Something to think about don’t you think?

Do you work from home or an office?  I hope these tips will help boost your brain.