Cushions are the perfect home accessory to compliment or contrast your home by adding the finishing touch to the décor of every living space, even the bedrooms. Give your room an update today an variety of affordable exclusive cushions online.

Décor Cushions add a feeling of comfort and softness whilst emphasising your individual sense of style and personality and all in an inexpensive easy way. Elevating your homes’s style with cushions is easy and with so many to choose from you can be as individual as you like.

A way to add colour and style to your room, and create additional seating space at the same time, is to add some floor cushions to your interior. Floor cushions can create a cosy reading nook, a great place for kids to relax, or just an attractive focal point.

The number of cushions for your sofa really depends on your style and preference. For a traditionally styled room, stick to an even number of cushions as this will give you a more symmetrical look. For a more modern style, odd numbers are the way to go. While the number of cushions you place on a sofa is really up to you, it can depend on the style of room and your own personal preference, five cushions on a three-seater sofa is ok and four on a two-seater sofa is a good guide. Single chairs are best kept to one cushion. At the end of the day it is really a personal preference though.

An easy way to inject colour into your room is to use accent colours. This is particularly effective in rooms with a neutral colour scheme. Sometimes, neutral colour schemes can look boring without a pop of colour. It is also possible that a bright colour scheme, ideal in the sunny days of summer, can lack warmth in the winter months. Accent cushions won’t overpower a room and they can add that injection of colour that makes all the difference.

The amount of fabric used for a cushion isn’t huge, it is possible to splash out on some quality material without breaking the bank. You can then afford to update your style each season if you like. Treat yourself to cushions that use beautiful materials such as velvets, dyed linens, or even faux fur to create the wow factor for a room. Fabrics with texture are tactile and add a touch of sophistication to even the most basic sofa.

Trending Now :  A popular trend at the moment is adding texture, in particular soft velvet cushions which can add an extra dimension to any room.

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