I went into the Emporium on the weekend.  Emporium Melbourne is a new shopping centre to host Australia’s first Uniqlo, the largest Australian designer precinct in the country and 30 unique food icons, all in the heart of the city. 

Emporium is a mix of local and international designers, innovative concept and flagship stores and world class architecture.  

My husband’s company Supreme Ceilings worked on a lot of shops at the Emporium.  Review is just one of them.


This is what a shop looks like at the plastering stage.  It can take up to 4 weeks for a shop to be completed from the ground up to when the doors actually open.


Peter Alexander was one of my favourite fit outs.  I loved the ornate ceilings and the concept of being inside a gorgeous big edwardian bedroom.


Peter Alexander had cute little nooks everywhere.  Supreme Ceilings did a great job on this store too.


One of my favourite stores was Seed Heritage.  These upside down air plants in hanging pots really caught my eye.  These flagship stores are meant to be on par with overseas shopping.  Some of the shop fit outs were amazing.


Zimmerman was another store that my husband did.  It had curved walls and a rendered effect on the outside which looked really good.  Polished plaster was also a feature inside the store.


I really wanted to visit Muji.  Muji was founded in Japan in 1980 and housed clothing, stationary , homewares and cleaning products.  Muji translates to no brand goods and with it’s simple packaging, it fits into our modern lifestyles.  I loved the stationary for its clean, streamlined look.  It really was a no fuss store and I will definitely go back.


I cannot wait for Michael Kors to open.  It should be open in July this year.  Supreme Ceilings are starting work on this store this week.  It’s so exciting.

emp 4_opt

So if you are in Melbourne, then I highly recommend visiting the Emporium.  The shopping centre connects to Melbourne Central, Myer Melbourne and to David Jones via pedestrian bridges and tunnels. It also connects with Melbourne’s history and its heart.

A great way to spend the afternoon.

Some of my favourite stores;

  • Aesop
  • Bardot Junior
  • Move
  • Muji
  • The Tea Salon
  • Willow
  • Zoo York

Let me know if you get to visit.