Can you believe that February has snuck around already?  Where did January go?  The kids are all back to school and everyone is back at work, after school activities and the everyday rush and routine that we all grow so tired of.  Although I do like a bit of routine.  I’m back to early starts 4:50am so I can get my runs in.  I know, crazy you say, but there just isn’t enough time in the day.


We savoured our last weekend at home and the Sunday morning sleep in.


Archer enjoyed playing with his toys before his first day of Grade one.


I loved watching the tennis.  Its my second favourite sport other than running, although I don’t play tennis, I absolutely love watching it.


The humidity was killing us in the last few days of January.  Melbourne can be so humid when it wants to be.


Ok Monday, you got this….. and we did, we survived our first week of February and back to routine.