Decorating a house is a deeply personal affair. If you have a family, you’re likely to communicate with them about what they’d like to see, but on the whole, the two heads of the family are likely to implement what they’d like. They’re the ones paying the mortgage after all.

However, when you do decide to decorate, you might find that all of your inspiration flies out of the window. Choosing to go for a certain style, decoration or furnishing automatically assumes that there are millions of options you’ll have to neglect. What if you make the wrong choice, and you’re not happy with the final product?

Can you really leave your decorating ambitions to be defined by a whim? Sure, your stonewashed countertops might seem like the most beautiful color scheme to implement right now, but will that really complement the light navy window curtains you fall in love with while window shopping later in the week?

There are a few ways you can gain inspiration for a more complete, inclusive look, and in the process, upgrade the whole room. Check out these ideas for just a few ways to inspire yourself.

Social Media

Why not look at some social media pages that celebrate house decors? This could come from multiple angles. Maybe a furnishing repair hobbyist takes pictures of their home space and can grant you ideas. Maybe searching Pinterest for a few interesting home motif will inspire your latest venture. Try and look in a plethora of places, you’re sure to find something you like.


Professional Galleries

Professional home installation websites often have some of the best, most inclusive, and well-thought out designs presented on their website. For example, rooms like kitchens really need strong considerations of layout and theme before you take the first step.

Searching a kitchen design gallery can help you get the best idea of how the professionals do it and take inspiration from that. It could be wise to let said services consult with you about what you want, and help you implement it.


Every person is an individual, and their personality quirks are often displayed in their homes. Your home is an extension of your mind, and that’s why it’s so important to keep your home tidy and in order (easily said than done if you have children!)

Why not use visiting a friend’s place for inspiration? If they have a nice decoration, wall color or tasteful use of ornamentation, why not ask them about their design philosophy and how they came to decorate it this way. They’re sure to be flattered that you’ve shown an interest and will be happy to explain to you at length.



If you’re in love with a certain era and would like to style your home around it, why not view family drama films from the period you enjoy? You’ll get a crystal clear idea of what homes looked like back then, and you’ll be able to modernize it. Allow the film’s prop designer to already have done the work for you.


Taking inspiration from your childhood home, people you admire or taking your current furniture to a hobbyist artist could be great steps forward as well. At any rate, you’re sure to be positively bursting with ideas and opportunities to implement them if you enact these tips. Have fun!