At some point in our lives, a lucky few of us may find ourselves in the fortunate position where we can afford to purchase an investment property.  It’s such a huge financial commitment and many decisions need to be made.  Thankfully, there are countless resources online to make the process less confusing and a little easier to navigate.

At, they understand that buying an investment property is a numbers game and have a handy resource to support you through your search.


Homesales have built a dedicated investment property search tool to help property investors like you find places with ease!

The tool allows you to search for properties based on investment strategy, investment metrics and specific property information. There is much more to an investment property purchase than deciding on a suitable dwelling to purchase!





It’s easy to navigate and by simply filling in the above, you can find properties that meet your investment strategy all over the country.

If you’re hoping to purchase an investment property and haven’t considered your investment strategy, it might be a good idea to consider exactly what you’re hoping to get out of it.

So before going out and searching blindly for that investment property, have a look online! It’s always wise to consult professional advice from your accountant or financial planner before purchasing a house. The last thing you want is to overextend your position and end up with insufficient capital to maintain your lifestyle and commitments.


For the great majority of us, an investment property may only ever be a dream however it’s fun to think about for years ahead if (and when) we find ourselves in a more financially lucrative position.

Have fun searching for your dream property, there are so many gorgeous houses out there.