After a long day at work, we see our home as our refuge. But in order to offer us the relaxation we are looking for, we must consider a very important factor that has nothing to do with the decoration.

Photo: Unsplash

Organising and tidying the house is just as important as decorating as they are what help us to think positive thoughts, relax and make better decisions. When all else fails, get rid of clutter you do not need. Winter may be a few months away yet but you want to start getting prepared! It is one of the best seasons for a proper organisation since we spend more time indoors and we definitely want it to be more regular and organised than any other time of the year. Spend a weekend on it and worry about all the winter to come. How to begin:

  • Take everything out of the cupboards before you start arranging
  • Don’t be afraid to throw away or give away things you haven’t used in years. They take up a lot of space, wear out over the years, and since you did not need time until now to leave them.
  • Separate your things by thinking about how often you use them. Things that are needed on a daily basis should be easily accessible.
  • Separate the items according to their use because they should be in the “right” room of the house and as much as possible to be arranged by category to find them more easily.
  • Use smart solutions to save space.
  • Put things into storage – with safe and secure storage you can declutter easily.

Kitchen: Organise your kitchen cabinets no matter how small they are. There are always solutions to save space as long as there is proper organisation. Use clear jars and tapers and put your food in order. You can use jars of old food and remove the labels they already have with hot water. On new stickers write what each one contains so you can separate them more easily.

Bathroom: If you are used to placing your detergents under the sink, to save space you can put a metal pipe and hang all the detergents from it. Thus, the space below will be left to accommodate other things. If you do not have a cupboard under the sink and there is not enough space to arrange the bathroom items, a nice wicca basket with a nice pattern can be a solution and a decorative idea at the same time. Place it around the perimeter and put your things in neat boxes in each category. 

Living room: This is the space that visitors see first when they enter the house and therefore everything should be arranged in such a way as to create a sense of relaxation for you (who uses it the most),  and your guests. Invest in a sofa, stool or coffee table with storage space. An old trunk also offers a large storage space for the living room and at the same time gives a vintage aesthetic to your decoration. Leave it worn for more style and do not try to make it like new.

It is also very important to have on each surface an “imposing” decoration which will be central. So every time you place various small objects around it, your eye will fall directly there and you will realize the clutter that prevails. Such as a piece of free standing art, a sideboard or a big plant.