I have seen so many pictures on Pinterest and on my favourite blogs on how to make gold glitter dipped feathers.

I fell in love with these beauties and wanted to share with you how easy they are to make.

Below is a picture of how my feathers turned out.

gold dipped feathers

These feathers are so neat compared to mine. They can be found here on Pinterest.


Here is my quick tutorial.



I went to the local $2 shop and bought a packet of white feathers for $2.50 and a packet of assorted glitter colours also for $2.50.  You could try using different coloured feathers for a different finish.  Try black feathers dipped in silver glitter.




I used PVA and smeared it on the end of the feather using my finger.




I held the feather over some newspaper and sprinkled the glitter over the PVA.  The feather stuck together a little bit but I like the look it created.




I used this basket and turned it upside down to stick the feathers in.  It worked well as you don’t want to lie them flat on paper to dry or they will stick.

Here are my finished feathers.





You can find these here.


You can find these beautiful pink feathers here.

My daughter and I made our feathers over the school holidays.  It is a cheap and easy craft for kids to do while they are home.

Do you do crafts with your kids?