Our homes are one of the biggest assets we have and certainly the most expensive purchase we make in our lifetime. So it is understandable that you want to look at all your options to secure and protect your home as best you can. Whether you are out at work all day, going on holiday, or spend long periods of time away from your property, it is essential to ensure you get some peace of mind that your home, and the contents within it our safe. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the great ways you can secure your home.


A large fence and gate

A great way to add some extra security to your home is to add a large fence and gate around the border of your home. This puts off any suspects looking to access your home because you have already placed an obstacle in the way. This also adds some additional privacy to your home. You could consider a standard fence or even shrubs in order to add some additional security to your home. It is the least intrusive way to do.

Window and door screens

Another added security feature which also works well to help throughout the summer are additional screens to your windows and doors. As a summer feature, these can help to keep out things like flys by adding flyscreen doors or as an option to allow a breeze in during the hotter days. As a security feature, it is another level of screen to access for any intruders looking to get in. It can also be a feature for adding privacy.

Security cameras

Adding security cameras to the front and rear of your home is a great way to add additional security to your home. One of the biggest plus points is the fact it can be a visual deterrent. But security cameras can be a real benefit to anyone in their home. Having this level of security on your home could also be an advantage when it comes to your insurance premiums. Your property has added protection which means your home is less of a risk. It is also the best peace of mind for you as a homeowner.  Security cameras can also be added to the internal rooms of your home, which can also be a benefit to you when you are not at home or away for longer periods of time.


A dog

If you only leave your home for short bursts of time, but still want that peace of mind, then you may want to consider a pet dog. They can be great deterrents to stop people attempting to enter your home due to the fear they place in some people. They also make great companions.

Extra security locks

Finally, you can always add additional locks onto your doors and windows which will give you some added security on any entry points to your home. This could be a feature that you utilise when you go on holiday.


I hope these tips help you keep your home secure.