Who’s been renovating over the Christmas holidays?  It’s amazing how you feel all enthused at the start of a new year.  Well we were and changed our pool wall.  We used grey Velvet Render for outdoors and just as the name says it really looks and feels like velvet.  I must say I am really impressed with the way it turned out. We had a rendered wall previously but it was stained and look tired. Hubby uses this render all the time for shops and restaurant fitouts and assured me it would look great.


The process was easy, it was already coloured grey and went on straight over the top of the old rendered wall.


It went on a darker grey and dried a lot lighter which I preferred.


There wasn’t really much mess as drop sheets were laid out to catch any drips.


It didn’t take too long to apply, just a few hours and the rest of the time was waiting for it to dry so it could be sanded.


Once the wall was sanded it came up smooth and velvety and had shine to it when you looked at it on an angle.  wall_opt

I really loved this look.  It looked like a shiny concrete wall.


You can apply a sealer to it if you prefer but we decided to let it age and weather a bit to give the wall a bit more character.

If you would like any more information you can call the Supreme Team on 0414 353 648 for a quotation but sorry Melbourne only.

Have you done any renovating projects over the holidays.  We are slowly getting through our to do list.