As I approach 30K followers on Instagram ( I seriously can’t believe it!) I thought I would share some handy instagram tips for business and for those just wanting to learn a little more about the best social media channel.  Now I am no way an expert in this field, but thought I would just share what seems to be working for me.  I’ve picked up a few tips along the way and also read a lot of tips on blogs, Facebook and websites so this is just a little bit of everything.


1.  Try to vary the composition of your photos.  Try some flat lays, vignettes ( if that suits you ) and some room shots ( also if that suits).  Keeping the content interesting and your feed interesting will keep followers inspired and hopefully attract new ones.


2. Share behind the scenes pictures.  Pictures of your business, where you blog/write from etc.  This gives a personal touch to your business and even throw in a picture of yourself once in while, just so followers know there is actually a person behind the pictures.


3.  Post regularly but don’t over share.  Learn about what time your audience is going to engage with your pictures.  No point in posting at midnight if your business is about children’s clothing if you get my drift.


4. Take the time to edit photos and think about how they will look in your feed.  I always take the time to edit my pictures and make sure that I have not posted too many of the same pictures so my feed stays uniformal and interesting.


5. Use hashtags when sharing your pictures.  I always use my own hashtags #styledbythestylistsplash as well as popular hashtags that are relevant to my business so I know my pictures will be viewed by lots more people and even be used in magazines #sundaystyleloves.  Don’t use too many in your comments.  Just a few so people get the drift.  Share more of your favorites in a comment to keep your image from being over cluttered with hashtags.


6. Don’t post more that 3 to 4 images a day ( although somedays I am guilty of this).  It’s important to respect your followers feed space and don’t post 3 pics in a row, space them out, refer to point 3.


7. Always add a caption to your pictures.  This is really important as it sets the tone for your feed and business.  Sharing pictures that are relevant to your business is so important as well as your captions.


8. Keep your crops all the same.  You want your feed to look consistent for followers.  Don’t swap from square to rectangle as this will make your feed look messy.


9.  Stay true to yourself.   I am very passionate about only sharing styled pictures that I have taken myself in my feed.  On occasions if I am working with a brand I may use one of their images but very rarely.  My followers know that all my pictures are by me and me only.  Stay focused on your brand and how you want people to see you.


10. Lastly have fun.  We all have bad days and your business instagram account isn’t the place to let every one know how hard your life is and hard done by your are.  Sure share snippets of your life but if you feed is a place for negativity you will loose followers very quickly.

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I hope these little tips help you out.