We are well and truly into the thick of Winter.  How is everyone going?  We have had such a cold snap here in Melbourne and July is almost here.  Do you feel down in the dumps with shorter days and cold wintery nights?  Well it’s time to get happy and take on board my happiness tips and perhaps even try the  30 day happiness challenge for July.


I’ve chosen a few of my happiness tips to get you started or you may like to challenge yourself for the whole month.


Have an early night

Probably my favourite and not so much a challenge for me as I go to bed early every night.  It’s true though, getting to bed early and getting a good nights sleep will leave you refreshed and happy for the next day.


10 minute chillout time

Sometimes easier said than done, especially with school holidays.  Just a quick cuppa and a flick through your favourite magazine can recharge the batteries and energise you making you feel happier.


Do something you love

We all get stuck into routines of the daily grind.  Do something you love and reap the rewards, ride a bike, ride a horse, go for a swim, walk, run.  Just get out there and do something you love after all life is too short to be working all the time.


Make some me time

Having some time out to yourself is so beneficial to your wellbeing.  I love my Saturday morning long 2-3 hour runs.  I call it my me time as at the moment, thats the only me time I get.  69b80fe18dab5439ff6264c85e4de889_opt

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Here is a great 30 days challenge for July if you’d like to try and perhaps get happier.


There are so many challenges on the internet but I like this one as the challenges could quite easier fit into your lifestyle.


July 1st is around the corner so maybe you could give it try.

Happy days!