Working from home is becoming more the norm these days.  Now it may seem like the perfect arrangement but believe me it can have it’s pros and cons.  Having the right workspace is one factor that I believe is very important.  Having a space exclusively for you to work in may not be possible for everyone but hey a bit of home office inspiration can keep us dreaming.


I am lucky enough to have a nook that really is unusable for anything other than a home office.  I can lock myself in here away from the hustle and bustle of the house and get my work done.  Staying motivated to work from home can be as easy as adding cute stationery, some fresh flowers and artwork.


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Having a work schedule is handy when working from home, I’d schedule myself to sit at this cute workspace too.


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Personalise your space.  How cute are the books on this workspace?  Facing them the other way makes such a cute statement.


I love changing my workspace by adding flowers, artwork and cute quotes to inspire me.


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How gorgeous is this space?


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Home offices needn’t be boring and un inspiring as you can see.

Do you work from home?