Your home might be pretty, but that doesn’t mean that it’s practical. Having a practical home is just as important, if not more important, than having a pretty home. Here are some pointers you can look to for inspiration if you want to make your home more practical:

Easy Cleaning  Colour And Materials

Considering the colours and materials used in your home is important. Yes, you want to pick those that you really like, but you should also consider the effect they will have on your home, as well as how easy they are to clean. For example, certain colours can make people feel a certain way. Red is usually an energising colour, so probably not a very good idea to have it in your bedroom. Having light colours for rooms that will need regular cleaning sessions isn’t a good idea, so think about which rooms and surfaces will need to be cleaned the most. Dark colours require less elbow grease in general, so it could be a good idea to select darker colours for the surfaces that are difficult to clean.

The materials you use in your home can vary from carpet to tiling. Things like carpet and curtain fabric can give a warmer feel, while things like tiling, wood, and even slate can give a cooler feel. Think about the way you want to feel in your home and select your materials accordingly. If you live in an area that is often cold and wet, you probably don’t want your home to feel too cool!

Bear in mind that whatever you choose, texture is a must. It will stop just about any decor from looking boring.

Making Sure Your Home is Suitable For The Seasons

Above all else, you need things in place that you can easily switch when the seasons change, A portable air conditioner is easy enough to store away when summer is over, and a fireplace is something that not only looks great year round, but can be put to good use in winter. Make sure you have accessories you can easily swap depending on the season. You might like to incorporate brighter accessories during summer, and rich coloured accessories during winter. They are simple enough to swap out without too much commitment.

Your Home Layout

Having your home laid out practically can be easier said than done. It’s important to detach yourself from the current lay out, especially if you’ve had it for a while, and think about how you could make it a more practical living space. If your ‘walk way space’ isn’t always clear, what can you do to make it flow better? It could be a good idea to find a layout app online to help you get an idea of different layouts that could work for you.

So, is your home both pretty and practical, or just pretty? Make sure you take the time to figure out how to make your home more practical; you’ll save time when it comes to cleaning and making it comfortable for different seasons.