While we are not envious of Cindarella’s familial setting, it is quite the convenience how she could snap her fingers and allow for the birds and mice to help her with the home maintenance duties. If only life were like an animated musical from time to time, even if only once a year. That being said, don’t discount real life just yet, as there are many worthwhile tips and tricks you can apply for almost any positive pursuit, especially when hoping to make our homes look brand new.

But how can you approximate this best effort without major expense? Does it require a trick of the light, or hiding the damage, or in simply using more potted plants as decorations? Thankfully, the real techniques you utilize needn’t be as illusory as this. With some of the following advice, we hope any homeowner can once again see the pure value in their property as they restore it back to a refined, renewed and more importantly cost-effective aesthetic. 

Please consider:

Power Washing

The true performative enhancement of great high pressure cleaning can truly leave you both stunned and impressed. TThe power washing of your driveway, for instance, may reveal the original color you remember from ten years ago, after heavy weather effects and vehicle activity left its mark. The same goes for brickwork, or concrete flooring, or a range of other applicable materials and environments that could do with a deep clean. Paver cleaning and oil stain removal are perhaps the most obvious utilities to appreciate here, but you’d be surprised just how varied the applications can be. Be sure to consult with said hired service to truly revolutionize how the exterior of your home looks.


A fresh lick of paint is not just a nice idea, it can truly help your home come alive once more. Even if previously painting in the boldest colors, as time wears on the natural sheen that we once enjoyed can start to fade, especially when considering colors in contact with the exterior, such as how your front door may be painted. When you apply a fresh lick of paint to your cladding, or your exterior brickwork, your front door or even a simple feature wall within the home, you’re sure to see it in a new light.

Replacing The Front Door

As we have mentioned the front door, it’s only right that we emphasize how this ties together the front of your property. You’d be surprised just how cohesive and well-themed a home can look when the front door is of a superior quality, with protective privacy considerations (such as high window arches that let the light in but do not allow for snooping. Additionally, matching said theming with your hanging window baskets can help the windows synchronize with this design aesthetic in the best possible way, while choosing a higher density and quality material such as oak or walnut for your front door can enhance just how refined your home seems.  For one implement, a front door well-defined sure has plenty of positive impact.

With this advice, we hope you can make your home look brand new with little effort.