No one wants their home the same as everyone else’s, but these days, it can look like everyone has just plucked their rooms out of the IKEA catalog. Everyone ends up with a similar style and look, and if you’ve also got a house that has the same layout as others on your road, then that’s even more of a reason to make yours stand out. It’s YOUR house, so make it your own. 

Display Things That Are Meaningful To You

The best way to make your space unique is to personalize it to your experiences. This includes anything and everything from your favorite pictures, your stamp collection, your high school sweater, your kid’s art, an old ticket from your favorite movie, anything. No matter what it is, if it’s personal to you, it will make your home unique. Keep all of these items well organized and displayed deliberately, so some things you could frame and put on the wall, others you could dedicate a shelf or two to, and there might be things you could hang, like a special teacup?.

Change The Little Details

Make your doors or your furniture more glamorous by updating the knobs and handles. You can buy unique ones at DIY shops, or you could even make your own if you’re creative and want to add even more of a personal touch. Have a look online for how to refinish your old hardware or make completely new ones out of wood, leather, rope, or even cutlery for kitchen cabinets.

Always Choose Bespoke

If you’re getting anything done around the house and need a company to come in and do it for you, say, for example, you’re getting new wardrobes fitted or a new kitchen. Don’t just go for the options that you can see already out there, go to a company who will design it for you and make it fit your home. A company like Windo is a great example of this, as they specialize in custom window treatment and design, get your windows sorted, and your house will be looking unique from the outside too. 

Change Your Entrance

Speaking of the exterior, the front of your house is usually the first impression of your house, so make the outside of your house stand out from the others on your road by changing up the entrance. Paint your door a bright color or add an archway or a porch as these are great ways to draw attention to your house in a good way, and make it inviting. 

Pay Attention To The Ceiling

The ceiling is like a blank wall, and it has so much potential to add style to your room, but people often forget about it when designing their room. Make it a focal point of your room. Think wood beams or chandeliers or paint it another color other than white or you could even paint a pattern with a stencil on it or add fun or patterned or textured wallpaper to it.