Artwork will set the tone and mood of your room so it’s really important to choose a piece that works in your home. Here’s some tips on how to style artwork in your home and make it look amazing.

Design Your Room Around Your Artwork

First thing is to find the focal point in your room. It is done by walking into the room and identifying where your eyes land first. This would be the perfect place for a piece of statement wall art. You will then be able to base the rest of the room’s design on it. Pick out the colours in the artwork and base your interior and homewares around those. Think about adding cushions, lampshades and throws based on some of the colours in the artwork. This will help connect all the pieces in the room to make it look cohesive and stylish.

Choose Colours Based on Mood

What type of mood are you trying to create in your room? Will the artwork be in the bedroom? Calming colours like greys and pale blues like to live in bedrooms so choose bedroom artwork that has these tones. If your artwork is going to be placed in the living room, consider yellow as it sets a cheerful, welcoming tone. Brighter colours bring a room alive and will encourage conversation and interest. Think about where your artwork is going to live and consider colours to suit.

Size of The Artwork

These days you can get artwork in practically any size imaginable. A big piece of artwork can generally make a small room appear larger whereas lots of small pieces clustered together can make a room look over styled and cluttered. Consider artwork suitable to your wall space and furniture as you want each element to frame each other and not overwhelm.

Choose A Pair

Create a high end look by hanging artwork in pairs. Group pieces that have a consistent theme together to fill a space. Try sticking to a consistent colour theme also and keeping the frames the same to create a cohesive look.

Choose The Right Style

Selecting your artwork by style is a personal choice. There are many styles of artwork that you can choose and based on the style of the room this will influence your choice. If you have a modern style then contemporary abstract style artwork might be more your choice. When styling a children’s bedroom you might like photographs of animals or bold bright colours. If your style is more traditional then an antique piece might be better suited. Choose pieces that match the style of your room, including the furniture you already have or homewares you have accumulated along the way. 

The Right Height To Hang

So now you have the right tips on what type of artwork to buy and where to hang it, what about the height. It is best to make sure you don’t hang your artwork to high, no one want a sore neck trying to view your new piece. Rule of thumb is to hang it at a comfortable eye level height. Recently there has been a trend to also lean the artwork against the wall. If you have a safe spot to do this, this is another effective way to style artwork in your home.

Most of all choose artwork that you fall in love in. Worst case scenario if your piece doesn’t match the room, you can always move it to another space.