I’d love to open a little cafe one day.  I’d just open in school hours and I’d sell the best range of cakes and have them in the cutest displays.  My cafe would serve the best coffee and have wonderful staff.  It would be the nicest place to come and sit and have coffee and catch up with friends, read the daily newspapers and gossip.

There is nothing quite like visiting your local cafe is there?  You almost feel at home, warm and cosy and relaxed.  Nothing quite beats having a really nice coffee and a little outing.


Ok, back to reality I know a lot of blood sweat and tears go into making a cafe work.   I’ve been collecting pictures for a while now about how my dream cafe would  look so today I thought I’d share them with you.


I adore the colour palette of this little shop.  The black tiles set for a fantastic backdrop where red and orange chairs really pop!


Blackboard menus and freshly home baked goodies on the counter.  I adore this look.


A colourful coffee machine, which the cutest display of cakes to tempt you.


The items on the shelves are styled perfectly and the wood on the counter adds warmth, oh and I love those lights.


I adore the yellow tiled counter and  open shelving in this store.

So many gorgeous ideas.

Maybe one day.

Have you ever wanted to own a little cafe in your local area?

All images from here.