Now you are probably thinking why am I talking about inspiring patio ideas when we are about to enter Winter here in Australia.  It’s so cold outside at night and during the day, why would I want to entertain or look at outdoor designs?  Well, if you are thinking about getting any renovating done at your place then now is a great time to get the ball rolling.  Especially if you want to be using your new space once Spring arrives.


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When you are building an outdoor extension you need to make sure you get the experts in to build you a gorgeous deck.


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You need to make sure you can trust the builder to get the job done right.  After all it’s an investment of your hard earned money and time and you want the job done right the first time.  Trusting a quality builder like Additions Building Co is a great place to start.


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Additions and Co also have a great gallery to get you inspired like the outdoor area pictured above.  A Patio can add space to your home as well as compliment the homes existing design.  It can also add value to your home.  Do your research and collect inspiring ideas and images of the design you are after.


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Are you building a patio in your pool area?  What is the area going to be used for?  Some of the key points you need to consider when deciding on your design.

Here are some other great outdoor designs that might inspire you.


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You may have seen this space before (pictured above).  This is my backyard and I love having space to entertain friends and family.


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I love water features and this one is pretty special.  I love the garden area as well.


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I love the lighting and the outdoor furniture used in this space.  Have you thought about what lighting you would use?


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Consider using outdoor fans for your outdoor area for those hot Summer nights.


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How cute is this space?  I love the pool and the deck area looks great with the feature lighting.

I hope I have inspired you a little to think about your outdoor area.