I love having colour around my home.  It’s really quite easy to add colour without it being over the top.  Colour will brighten your day and add some interest to your space.  Today I share inspiring ways to add colour to your home and some might surprise you.


1. Paint

Paint your walls a colour.  Opt for neutral colours so you can change your cushions and throws with the seasons and choose a colour that won’t clash with your furniture.  Paint is inexpensive and you can paint over it again once you are sick of the colour.


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2. Chairs

Add a pop of colour with some occasional furniture.  Think outside the box and add a bright hue to add some wow factor to your room.   Chairs are easily removable so think about other rooms in your home that you could use them in.


3. Books and Pictures

Style small vignettes packed with punches of colour.  Here I have used books and artwork to add a bright pop of pink to my bedroom.  Vignettes are easily changeable depending on your mood, the seasons and colours you like.


4. Plants and Flowers

I love having fresh flowers around my home.  They add colour, smell amazing and look lovely and make your home feel alive and fresh.  Try a bright bunch of daffodils or roses in your favourite colour.


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5. Furniture

Be bold, be brave and add some colour with a coloured couch.  I love the blue of this couch but have to admit I am a little bit scared to add that much colour in my home.


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6. Rugs and Accessories

Add a bright rug to bring some colour to your home.  I love the round yellow circle used in this interior.  It adds interest and colour without it being to in your face and ties the whole look altogether.



7. Cushions

Off course, I couldn’t leave my favourite colour adding accessory out could I?  Cushions are easily changeable, affordable and add so much to an interior.  I love pastels for this Winter and have used them mixed in with greys and soft neutrals to add some interest.

Here is some more colour inspiration I love.


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Do you have colour in your home?