Interior Design Firm Ivy & Piper were tasked to undertake the interior design refurbishment of the beautiful paradise that is Aore Island Resort through Australian owners Brad & Lisa Gray.

The owners wanted to retain the laid back and welcoming feel Aore Island resort was known for but implement a design that complemented the main central facilities as part of the overarching refurbishment concept of the popular Vanuatu resort.

“As with all our projects, we first needed to establish the heart of the project,” said Ivy & Piper co-owner Elizabeth Flekser.

Along with her business partner Melanie Parker, the designer duo set about infusing a sense of luxury and tranquillity into the main reception hall (known as the Nakamal). This included the guest bar and lounge area along with the main dining zone.

“We have created a lovely refreshed resort for couples or families in one of the most pristine and natural places in the Pacific. The natural beauty and richness of Espiritu Santo has been reflected in the choice of the all materials in this project,” Melanie continued.

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