I’d love to have my own little cafe or shop.  Just something small and local that serves really good coffee and has yummy cakes.  My husband tells me that they take a lot of hard work and commitment which is something that I can’t give at the moment.  Maybe when the kids have grown up.  In the meantime I just admire the interiors of cafes I visit.  Have you ever thought about opening up your own cafe? There is so much to think about.  So here are some interior ideas to consider when opening a cafe.


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Create A Vibe

Much like our homes have a vibe, a feel about them, you want you cafe to have the same.  Is it an industrial warehouse type cafe, inner city, country vibe?  Tell the story as soon as your customers enter the door so they know what type of cafe this is and what type of food to expect.


Second Home Eltham

Second Home is a perfect example of this, in my local neighbourhood and newly opened  its a beautiful Cafe & Art Gallery housed in an iconic Alistair Knox built in an Eltham warehouse.  The food is organic, free range and locally sourced and the vibe in here says just that.


The same as the interior in your home, you want the lighting to be a little bit special in your cafe.  This is your chance to be a little bit different so go for it, choose lighting that matches your decor and vibe.


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Like these red pendants that match these gorgeous stools.  It just says come and sit here and have a coffee.


I adore these pendants too, it shows how important getting the right lighting can be to create an overall feel for your cafe.


It all comes down to detail in a cafe.  What shelving to use, what vignettes to display, whether you are able to purchase items from the shelving.  Here are some perfect examples where detail has been executed perfectly.


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Design plays a very important role.  Just like the interiors in your home, your cafe design will be one of the first things you will do.  It’s important to get on board the right crew and employing companies to turn your dream fit out into a reality.  Tu Projects will deliver high quality results and will make opening your own cafe a dream.  Right down to every design aspect, and every little detail.  Having the right crew on board is an important step.


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Have you ever opened a cafe?  How was it?  How important were these interior decisions that I’ve mentioned today to you?  I’d love to hear from you.