When it comes to international design, I like a mixture of interior styles. When I think about the world’s favoured cities and precincts I think about New York for it’s marketplaces and providores as well as it’s Chelsea Market. Copenhagen comes to mind for its uber modern design and Barcelona is a favourite for it’s colour and vibrancy.


If you’re like me, you love the thought of living in one of these wonderful destinations, but for most of us that is just a distant dream. Well not anymore.


Introducing West Village, an upcoming development located in the West End area of Brisbane. West Village is different to most other developments as it incorporates five major precincts which are all reflective of a major city. These precincts consist of fresh food markets, restaurants, bars, outdoor areas, retail stores and of course, apartments. Plus, it’s all within walking distance of Brisbane’s popular West End.

The development is inspired by some of the worlds most favourable cities such as Barcelona, Copenhagen, Melbourne and New York City.


There are six precincts that make up West Village. The development itself is a mix of extraordinary contemporary homes that are layered amongst art, historic buildings, alfresco dining and inspired retail. The areas that make up West Village are:

Peters Square


Peters Square is inspired by New York’s range of fresh food markets and restaurants, such as the popular eatery and marketplace, Eataly. It also takes inspiration from the Providores, artisan treats and fresh produce of Brooklyn in NYC. At Peter’s Square you can experience open air markets full of fine food to tempt you.

Peters Lane


Peters Lane captures the colour and vibrancy of Melbourne and it’s artistic laneways. This precinct offers an abundance of culinary delights, just like you would find in Melbourne.


Factory Lane


Transporting visitors back to the jazz bars of New York, you’ll find Factory Lane is the perfect place for a night out. It’s made up of alfresco restaurants and jazz bars, carved elegantly into the restored old factory buildings of West End.

The Common


The Common is reminiscent of Summer in Barcelona with lots of colour, warmth and vibrancy. It will be West Village’s main outdoor area, with spaces that allow you to connect and interact. It features a large fountain for those hot Summer days, lush outdoor gardens and a large lawn area.


There really isn’t anything else like it.  A place where old meets new. It really is the place to live.

You can find out more here.

Disclaimer: ‘Images are an artists impressions only’ .