These days, it appears that the idea of character in a home is confined to one or two rooms. A space like the kitchen is a big draw for people these days because of the vast spaciousness. But when you are looking to upgrade your home, or you’re moving somewhere new, it’s that debate between character and comfort. Is it better to have a house with character or just have a comfortable space in a new modern build?  

Can We Inject Character Into A Home?

There are so many companies renovating old houses now, and upgrading them to something a bit more modern, so it could be possible to do the reverse. But when it comes to adding character to a modern home, it isn’t just about the aesthetic changes. It’s more about digging deeper and really making sure that the place is lived in. Because there are so many modern buildings that seem quite sterile, or the implements are more modern, such as laminate flooring, adding character to a modern home is a bigger task. And this is why a lot of people go for older houses, because they can be fixed up but still retains its charm.

Should We Just Make Our Home More Comfortable?

In this respect, it’s easier to add comfort. It’s about providing those touchstones, like throws and rugs. And as your home becomes more comfortable, it does acquire a sense of character. But this is the main problem with more modern homes. It doesn’t necessarily have that charm older homes have. So can you make a home more comfortable and have it accrue a sense of charm? You can, but it’s far better to do this in an organic manner. To make a home more comfortable, you can utilise the space so it appears cosier. This is all about the right furniture in the right space. But it’s also about asking yourself what you want to achieve from the property. A house that has character appears to have been lived in, and as such, there are many old houses around that automatically have this charm. And you’ve got to decide whether this is worth renovating completely, or just putting in some of the essential home comforts, but this can run the risk of having a very confused aesthetic.

Serve The Space

It’s important not to overthink it. When we want to achieve a sense of character with a new build, it’s not something that can happen overnight. After all, a modern home hasn’t had the opportunity to achieve some sense of retro sensibility. And when we are looking to make a house our own, it’s about serving the space and looking harder so that its own uniqueness comes out. We can tend to force our own personality on a property, but this isn’t conducive to creating any sense of character with the property. It’s far better to make the most of the space, and to serve its needs, rather than our own. A modern home is a difficult thing to get right. But it’s important to serve the space rather than anything else.