‘What is laundry love?’ I hear you ask.

‘Is she crazy? I hate my laundry’, I hear you saying under muttered breath.

The truth is we spend a lot of time in that little wash room that we call the laundry and because of that it’s about time we treated it like every other room of the house.

You decorate your living room with cushions and picture frames don’t you?

Well, why not show your laundry a bit of love.

The key to my laundry is organisation. Everything has it’s place and is easy to get to. I have nice hand towels and soap (like in the bathroom) and I also have a lovely print of my Instagram photos on the wall which add a splash of colour and inspiration. I also have appealing colours and cute storage baskets that keep me organised. The above picture is my laundry when I had a top loader washing machine and wall hung dryer. As you can see I have lots of storage and also bench space to dry washing.


I have since bought a Bosch front loader and Bosch condenser dryer which I love. The only problem was this reduced my bench space. I also needed a drying rack and somewhere to iron my clothes. As my laundry is at the back of the house and closest to the pool, I wanted this space to also act as a kitchenette with a bar fridge. This is how my laundry now functions. I love the space and the dual usage for Summertime entertaining works really well.

20131006-202041.jpg 20131006-202051.jpg 20131006-202059.jpg

More laundry inspiration from Pinterest

laundry3 laundry2 laundry1

How is your laundry looking at home, does it need a little organisation and love?