Little Blooming Wonder is Australia’s first everlasting Eco-Friendly flower.  Interested?  I was when I received this gorgeous bowl of colourful flowers known as Chrysanthemums.  An eco-friendly solution to having an eye-catching, fresh flower display which requires minimal care, I’m hooked.


Delivered in this glass bowl, with plenty more to choose from, the flowers have been cut during the early stages of growth.  Using only the flower and stem, they are snap frozen using technology to retain their tiny size, vibrant colour and overall freshness.



With Christmas coming up, these would make a perfect gift.  There is no initial set up and they are so unique that they don’t even require soil, excessive water, fertilizer or direct sunlight.  But make no mistake they are REAL flowers!.



Little Blooming Wonder only requires one spray of water a week.  With such little maintenance they are perfect for that person who isn’t’ so much of a green thumb (like me).

Starting at $30 for small designs, Little Blooming Wonder can be found on Facebook here.

With over 35 designs, I’m sure there is one you’ll love.