The other night I was inspired by some pictures on Pinterest and thought why not make my own artwork for my home office.




Here is what you need.

I googled pink love heart images (you could use any colour) and then printed the love heart.  I printed it to fit the size of my frame I was going to use.




I bought glitter gold sticker letters and numbers.  You could also use stamps.



It’s up to you what wording you use.  You could put your child’s name and put it in their bedroom or you could write a lovely saying.  I chose to write something about blogs, oh and coffee.  Cause I love them both.




Ta da!

Here is the finished framed piece I did.  It took less than 15 minutes and I love it.

I used a frame that I had around the house.  I am always moving pictures around.

I hope I have inspired you to DIY some easy artwork for a space you are creating.

Send me pictures of your finished pieces, I’d love to see them.