Not everyone has green fingers and wants to spend hours working in the garden. However, most people do want their outside place to be pleasant and a nice place to relax and entertain friends and relatives. Really there are only two other options for achieving this. One is to be rich enough to employ a gardener, but the one most home dwellers opt for is having a garden that is low maintenance.

Create Paths

Every area of your garden that has a path or a paved area has less space for plants. Paths do need a good clean once a year, but they are much easier to look after than the same area would be if it were to be covered with flowers.

Just use a jet washer on them each spring and they will come up as good as new.

Sanded Area For Play Time

Sand an area of your garden to give the kids a soft surface to land on when they fall while they are playing.  Whether they are running about or building sand castles with a bucket and spade, having this sort of space for your children will mean you cannot put time-consuming plants there.

Hang a tyre swing over the sand and your kids will have hours of fun in relative safety.

There Is No Legal Require For a Lawn

There is no law that says every garden should have a lawn, and dispensing with it will reduce the amount of work needed. Lawns have to be mowed and have their edges trimmed and this can be hard work as well as taking a lot of time. Of course, you could have fake grass laid, but even this needs a certain amount of looking after.

Expand Your Decking

If you have decking on the back of your home why not expand the area it covers. Just like with the paths and sand, this will reduce the space for plants that need. There are many benefits of plastic decking that make it a very viable solution. It looks and feels natural, never needs sanding, oiling or painting, is fully capped for moisture protection and is pest and termite resistant. This is as well as being BAL 29 for bush fire-rated areas and having UV protection. All these things make it virtually maintenance free, and as an added bonus, it comes with a 25-year guarantee.

Use Climbing Plants As Camouflage

Climbing plants do not need much maintenance and can be great for covering an unsightly wall or some fencing. Left to their own devices, they will soon cover these for you and will mean that you will not have to be concerned about repainting or varnishing them.

Make It Fun

Anything that means the time you spend in your garden is relaxing or fun has to be a good thing. Making it low maintenance is the way to go if this is what you want and do not want to have to spend hours working hard in it instead of enjoying it.